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Although men and women require a lot of the same vitamins and minerals to maintain good health, women’s bodies don’t work the same way as men’s bodies and have some different vitamin needs.

For example, while both men and women need to get iron for healthy bones and blood, women require more than men do. Women and teenage girls need an iron boost in the days after menstruation to replenish their iron storages which tend to get depleted after their periods.

Men’s and women’s reproductive health needs are also not the same. While men often require more zinc and selenium for prostate health, women benefit more from herbal extracts like Shatavari or ashwagandha.

Many women are also more interested in caring for their skin, nails, and hair and will pay more attention to the vitamins they get for those purposes than men will.

What supplements should be used?

Feminine 27 Billion 60c is a supplement designed specifically for women. It’s packed with probiotics that help with healthy digestion and weight loss. The herbal components in this supplement support healthy pregnancy and lactation, prevent vaginal and urinal tract infections, and strengthen and support the immune system.

Vitamin D is another essential vitamin for healthy bones, skin and more. We have it available as Vitamin D3 Liquid for any who don’t like pills and tablets.

For iron levels, there’s Chewable Iron Chelate 100t, a mild-tasting and well-tolerated form of the mineral. MultiThera with Iron 180t—a supplement free of allergens like wheat, peanuts, shellfish, eggs, and milk—is another great option for getting necessary iron.

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