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Our immune system works to protect us from viruses, toxins, fungi, and bacteria. Different cells, proteins, and organs work together to provide our bodies with this defence system.

There are two major parts of our immune systems. The innate immune system is with us from birth and attacks viruses when they enter the body. The acquired immune system we get from two sources. One of those sources are B lymphocytes which develop once the body is exposed to a virus. This is how vaccinations work. The other source comes directly from our diet and exercise.

The human body is constantly working to keep defences up and protect us from getting sick, but to keep these processes going full speed our bodies need fuel and materials. Without the correct nourishment, our immune systems weaken, allowing bacteria and viruses in causing all sorts of health problems.

What supplements should I use?

When looking to boost your immune system, you’ve got a long list of vitamins and minerals that help on that front. Vitamin D and B are very important vitamins that contribute to the immune system, and in our shop, we have them in liquid form as well, for those who aren’t keen on ingesting pills or tablets.

Vitamin C is another important one. Vitamin C can be found in many various supplements, but for a focused dose of vitamin C try Fast Acting Vitamin C 90c.

Food supplements and herbal extracts like Shiitake, Maitake, Lion’s Mane, or Hawaiian Spirulina are all allies of the immune system.

For a cohesive dose of probiotics that help protect the stomach, try a supplement like Xtreme Care – 165 Billion 30c. It’s a gluten and soy free supplement that is designed to help boost immunity amongst other things.

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