All humans need vitamins and minerals for optimal nutrition, but children and teenagers have different needs from adults. Children need to get more of the “raw materials” due to the fact that they’re in the process of growing and developing muscles and bones.

Many parents find it a difficult task to get their kids to eat a sufficient amount of healthy food for them to get their required vitamins for growth. That’s where dietary supplements come in. It’s often much easier for kids to get their necessary nutrition through a supplement than through food. Of course, it’s important for kids to eat healthy, but it’s not always possible for them to eat the quantities of vegetables, fruits and fibrous foods that would be most beneficial. Food supplements with the necessary vitamins and minerals can be the game changer needed to get your kids’ health back on track.
Which supplements should be used?
Calcium is the most important mineral for teeth and bones to grow properly. The more calcium children get when they’re young, the less bone loss they’ll suffer when old age hits. The ideal dosage for children is 700mg for kids ages 1-3, 1000mg for ages 4-8, and 1300mg from ages 9-18.

Vitamins and minerals like vitamin D, B, E and C, magnesium and potassium are all essential for your children to grow healthy and strong. For kids that have a hard time with pills and tablets, we have alternate forms of vitamin supplements like B12 Liquid or Multi Chews which allow children to get the same vitamin dose without having to ingest pills or tablets.

For vegan families, we suggest Vegan Kid, which is a soy free, gluten free and dairy free vegan supplement in powder form that’s packed full of probiotics and elements that assists healthy digestion, strengthens the immune system and resists bile salt and stomach acid.

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Ther Biotic Complete 60c/120c

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