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There are a few conditions that plague men specifically (e.g. prostate enlargement, prostate cancer), but most conditions that men are susceptible to apply to everyone. On average, however, men tend to pay less attention to their health than women, making them more likely to be affected by sickness and disease. So take a step up and be better than the average man. Get yourself on the road to better health by paying attention to what your body needs.

Exercise, combined with the right nutrition, can set you on the right path to good health. This section is dedicated to supplements that are beneficial for men’s health and help protect the body from conditions that prey on men specifically, although most of these supplements are multi-purposed and can be used for a variety of issues. You’ll find various vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts that help fortify your body and build your immunity.

What supplements should I use?

In this section, you’ll find herbal extracts—like Maca-3, Turmeric extract with Bioperine 60c and Saw Palmetto Extract—which are all beneficial for the immune system and protecting the organism against invaders.

Vitamin D is an important vitamin for the skin and bones and can be found in our shop in liquid form as Vitamin D3 Liquid.

For a vitamin C boost, try Fast acting Vitamin C 90c. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and fortifies many other functions. It’s also a powerful antioxidant which protects the organism from oxidative damage.

For urinary and prostate issues there’s Prostathera, which is a mix of botanical extracts that affect the metabolism of testosterone and work to combat age-related decrease of prostaglandin production. It’s minerals like zinc, calcium and phosphorus, alongside plant extracts like stinging nettle and saw palmetto to give the combo men need for their health.

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