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When taking care of our bodies it’s important that we don’t forget to care for our brains. Memory disorders can develop due to many different causes, including trauma, substance abuse, hereditary conditions, ageing, cardiovascular disease, arteries providing blood flow to the brain narrowing, brain tumours, and vitamin deficiencies.

Certain memory disorders take a long time to show their symptoms while others can happen suddenly. There are over 100 other various health conditions that are connected with a decline in memory and cognitive abilities.

Through the use of supplements, we can not only fortify our vitamin stockpiles in the body and avoid vitamin deficiencies, but we can also avoid cardiovascular disease and strengthen the flow of blood to the brain, decreasing the possibility of developing memory conditions. We can get a lot of the vitamins and minerals necessary through food, but to make things easier you can opt for taking dietary supplements with all the exact elements you need in one place so you won’t have to worry about finding all the precise foods that contain every different vitamin.

Which supplements should be used?

Seeing as many memory and cognitive issues can stem from vitamin deficiencies, vitamin supplements are recommended to help prevent their development. Vitamin D Emulsified drops are also available in our shop for those who have difficulty taking vitamin pills or tablets.

Natural herbal extracts, like Ashwagandha, Ginkgo or Hawaiian Spirulina, are age old herbal remedies that have been used to relax muscles and encourage a healthy blood flow, which the brain needs to function as it should. These can also be found in our shop in supplement form.

Fatty acids like Pure Fish Oil, L-Lysine and L-Carnitine are also useful allies of cognitive functions.

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