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What are Chewable Vitamins?

Chewable vitamins are vitamin pills in gummy form, similar to gummy candy. They come in multiple colours, flavours, and shapes and are particularly popular with children and adults who are not fond of vitamin pills that need to be swallowed.

They function much the same as regular vitamin pills and can contain either a single vitamin, such as vitamin C, or be a multivitamin complex that delivers multiple vitamins in each gummy.

In this category, we also include vitamins that can be taken in liquid or powder form, ideal for those who want to avoid the use of pills or tablets.

How do they work?

Chewable vitamins deliver vitamins to your system in much the same way as other vitamin pill formats. Some studies have shown that gummy vitamins may not deliver the same vitamin impact as an ordinary vitamin pill/tablet due to the added ingredients that make it more pleasant to ingest. However, there is only a marginal difference and can be more beneficial for those who have difficulty swallowing pills.

Vitamins in liquid or powder form will pack the same vitamin punch as a pill and could be a good alternative to tablets or pills.

What conditions are they good for?

Chewable vitamins can carry any single vitamin or a combination of several.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects our bodies from oxidative damage and prevents conditions like scurvy.

Vitamin D is good for building strong bones and healthy skin.

Vitamin A is a powerful ally of good and healthy eyesight among other things.

Vitamin E helps promote rich, healthy hair and clear skin.

There are several vitamin B’s, and they work together to support a healthy immune system and help our bodies break down food properly so nutrients can be distributed evenly throughout our bodies.

Vitamin K is a good vitamin for sports nutrition and helps build healthy bones and muscles.

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