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Optimal nutrition is essential for pregnant mothers and makes a big difference in how easy the pregnancy will be. Lactation is a period when babies rely solely on their mother for their nutrition and this makes the mother’s intake of vitamins and minerals critical. Both fetal and maternal tissue needs to be fed and nourished. It’s not just taking care of one person at that point, but two.

Without the right nutrition during pregnancy and lactation periods the child can be born with serious iron deficiencies and anaemia. Iodine, zinc and folate are a few of the specific nutrients the body needs during these times in order to properly nourish both mother and child.

If you pay specific attention to your nutrition while pregnant and breastfeeding, you’ll be setting up your child with a kick start for a strong and healthy life later on.

What supplements should I use?

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin for building strong bones which babies need. In our online shop, we have Vitamin D 400iu and, for those who aren’t keen on ingesting pills or tablets, we have Vitamin D3 Liquid.

Folic acid, zinc and iron supplements are all highly recommendable for mother during pregnancy and lactation periods.

OptiBac Probiotics for babies and children is a mix of helpful probiotic properties designed specifically for children and mothers that are looking to set a good bacterial balance for their children at an early age. It’s specifically recommended for nursing or pregnant mothers.

Prenatal Advance is a supplement made to deliver the best health results straight from the beginning of pregnancy. It’s a blend of multiple vitamins and minerals like iron, folic acid, vitamin D and more. It’s easy on the stomach and a great choice for pregnant mothers.

Other herbal extracts like Fenugreek See 90c or Alfalfa Plus 100c can help to boost immunity and better distribute nourishment throughout the body during pregnancy so nutrients can be passed safely on to your baby.

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