B12 Folate is formulated to help provide the benefits of vitamin B12 and folate in one dietary supplement. B12 Folate helps convert carbohydrates into energy and the break down of fats and proteins in the body, which causes weight loss. B12 Folate also supports the G.I. tract and functionality of the nervous system as well as your hair, skin and liver.Low levels of B12 have been linked to ailments including memory loss, fatigue, anemia, tingling in hands or feet, incontinence, loss of balance and joint pain. Maintaining appropriate levels of B12/Folate helps protect against these conditions and contributes to a healthy nervous system. It has also been shown to aid in reducing compounds that may be linked to heart attack or stroke, promote a restful night’s sleep and help your body break down stored fats to give you more energy.

Pure Encapsulations® recommends 1–2 capsules daily, in divided doses with meals

Gluten Free Non GMO Vegan Vegetarian