Ascorbic Acid is better known as Vitamin C, an essential nutrient that occurs naturally in fruit and vegetables. It’s sometimes necessary, however, to take more than can be gained from a natural diet, and the World Health Organisation lists Ascorbic Acid as an “essential medicine”. Ascorbic Acid plays a vital role in boosting the immune and vascular systems in the fight against a wide range of diseases, but it can cause stomach upsets for people with sensitive digestive systems or who need to take high doses. Buffered Ascorbic Acid Powder 227g, however, is a dietary supplement designed to lessen gastric irritation when taking Vitamin C. It’s a blend of calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate and potassium ascorbate that creates a neutral pH vitamin C, which is kinder on the stomach than other types. It’s made from hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients, ensuring it contains nothing that will be harsh on your system, and its powder form ensures easy dispersal. It’s been declared gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organisation. There are many medical reasons for needing higher doses of Vitamin C than can be found in a natural diet. Buffered Ascorbic Acid Powder is the healthy, gentle way of supplementing your diet.