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How does ageing affect the body?

Grey hair and wrinkles are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of some of the tell-tale signs of ageing. Wrinkling of the skin happens due to the skin becoming thinner, more fragile and less elastic, resulting in sagging.

Many people become susceptible to cardiovascular issues as well, since blood vessels and arteries tend to stiffen with age causing the heart to work double-time to get blood through them.

Age causes bones to decrease in size and density, making them weaker and more vulnerable to breakage or fracture. Without regular exercise and stretching muscles will also deteriorate.

Problems also tend to arise in the digestive system and bladder with age. Constipation is a common condition, as well as problems urinating for men.

Eyes, ears and teeth are all parts of the body that often develop conditions with age, and they make functioning complicated.

Which supplements should be used?

There are anti-ageing health supplements for almost every issue brought on by old age. These supplements will help you get ahead of these conditions, and together with the right nutrition and exercise, will allow you to maintain your youth as long as possible.

Selected supplements with anti-ageing properties:

Vitamin D is an excellent vitamin to fortify skin health and decrease wrinkling.

Calcium and magnesium health supplements will help strengthen your bones and fight deterioration.

Multivitamin complexes give a well-rounded vitamin boost to your organism, keeping up overall health which in turn will help fight problems with the digestive system and much more.

A glucosamine supplement can be used by the body to make a variety of chemicals which help in building cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and the fluid surrounding joints that keeps them safe from damage.

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