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Like any other part of the body, our hair, skin and nails need vitamins and minerals to fuel healthy growth and keep them looking good.
Thin, scraggly hair; flaky, weak nails; dry, coarse skin. These are all things that can be avoided by getting the right nutrition which can be easily accomplished through the use of dietary supplements.

If any of the things above are familiar to you, then it’s likely that you have a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals and you could use a little vitamin boost in your diet to set you back on track. Getting the right vitamins won’t miraculously make your hair a lot thicker, or your skin silky smooth off the bat, but given time they will eliminate certain problems like hair loss, dry or flaky skin, etc.

What supplements should I use?

Many hair, skin and nail health issues stem from deficiencies in various vitamins and minerals. It’s often a lack of vitamins C, D and E, calcium, magnesium, iron, folic acid, fats and proteins.

In our shop, we have a wide variety of supplements that will help boost your intake of these vitamins and minerals. Take Hair/Skin/Nails Ultra, for instance. Packed with vitamin C and B, it also contains other ingredients that are there to support healthy collagen hair, nails and skin.

Also try the vegetarian supplement called Hair and Nails Formula, which is a combination of biotin and fatty acids which work directly on improving hair and nail health.

Other supplements with vitamin D, vitamins C and B, zinc, biotin, and collagen are all useful boosters for skin, hair and nail health. Browse our shop and find the supplement that suits you best.

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