Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a vital nutrient, in common with other B vitamins. It offers a variety of benefits to the body, ranging from maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails to regulating blood sugar. Biotin is perhaps most associated with its ability to strengthen the hair and nails, and clinical trials have shown that it can promote hair growth in some cases of thinning hair. It also promotes the health of both the skin and the nervous system.Perhaps more importantly, biotin helps with the metabolism of amino acids, fats and glucose. It’s the last of these that has shown that biotin can be effective in regulating the blood sugar levels. Biotin can be obtained from a range of food, but a dietary supplement is advisable to ensure you get optimal levels. Biotin 8 mg. is a formula that effectively delivers your daily dose of biotin in a capsule, made from vegan, hypoallergenic ingredients and certified as gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organisation. Biotin 8 mg. ensures you receive the amount of vitamin B7 you need, regardless of how much you’re getting from your diet. You can’t overdose on biotin, so you can take Biotin 8 mg. in complete safety.

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