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Whether for health or aesthetic reasons, many people have set themselves the goal of losing weight, yet struggle with achieving satisfactory weight loss. Although exercise is key to weight management, your diet and nutrition play a huge part and can’t be neglected. Getting the right vitamins and minerals can give you huge steps of progress in your fight to lose weight and make your exercise a whole lot more effective.

What does obesity do to the body?

Weighing a few “extra” kilos isn’t unhealthy and isn’t harmful to your body. However, when the body starts to accumulate too much fat and becomes obese, it can damage your health. Movement can become constricting and pains around your joints, lower back and knees tend to show up more regularly and become harder to get rid of.

Obesity will increase the risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, strokes, fatty liver disease, as well as other serious health conditions.

Getting ahead of obesity with exercise and the right dietary supplements can make all the difference in your fight for weight loss.

Which supplements should I use?

Fibre is incredibly important to burning fat, and while it can usually just be found in specific foods, we have BioFiber available in supplement form here at our online store. It’s made of a mix of herbs and natural fibre from slippery elm, psyllium husks, fennel and liquorice ginger. It’s made with the goal of keeping your digestive system clean and healthy, allowing you to better absorb food and nutrients.

CLA Capsules are ideal for those who exercise regularly, whether new to working out or an athlete. CLA influences the way our bodies store fat and boosts athletic performance, making exercise easier and more effective.

For other weight management supplements, browse through this section to find more.

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