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Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg


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  • Plays a vital role in the release of energy from food. Our lowest strength CoQ10, but at a level that makes a useful contribution to an individual’s supply
  • Natural source of CoQ10
  • Dissolved in vegetable oil to aid absorption

Endorsed by one of the original researchers who first discovered CoQ10Gelatin-free capsules, made in the UK to pharmaceutical GMP standards.CoQ10 is also known as ubiquinone, and is a vitamin-like substance found within every cell in the human body where it plays an important role in the release of energy from the food we eat. It is therefore not surprising to find the highest concentrations of CoQ10 in those organs which have the highest energy requirements such as the heart muscle and liver and in those tissues that regenerate quickly such as the gums. Whilst CoQ10 can be made in the body, production declines as we age. In fact, a lack of energy in older people may, in part, be connected with lower CoQ10 production in the body. It has also been shown that cholesterol lowering drugs, called statins, reduce CoQ10 levels in the body, so people taking statins are increasingly recommended to take a CoQ10 supplement. We use natural CoQ10, the form used in most studies and we present it dissolved in vegetable oil to aid absorption.

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60c, 180c

Dietary requirements

Gluten-free, GMO-free, Lactose-free, Vegan, Vegetarian


Each capsule delivers:

Co-Enzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone)30mg

Encapsulated With: 
Sunflower Seed Oil, Capsule Shell (Modified Starch, Glycerol, Gelling Agent: Carrageenan, Colour: Iron Oxide), Glyceryl Monostearate, Polysorbate 80. 

Risk Factors

This product is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. 


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