Nothing in life could be more special than the onset of life itself. It therefore delights us here at Pure Naturals to be able to provide high-quality lactation and pregnancy supplements to pregnant and nursing women, as well as to new mothers and women who desire to become pregnant.

What interesting options have we got in our online store right now? 

Just one of the brands that we are proud to supply through our online store is Pure Encapsulations, which offers PreNatal Nutrients specially formulated on the basis of accepted scientific recommendations for nutrient requirements during pregnancy.

PreNatal Nutrients provides essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients – including folate, vitamin D, vitamin K and choline – to support hormone, neurotransmitter, DNA, protein and energy production, in addition to optimal neural and cellular development.

Similarly invaluable right from the start of pregnancy is Prenatal Advanced from Rose. It consists of a special formula that is gentle on the stomach, including active folate and vitamin D, both of which are crucial in pregnancy.

Vitamin D, for instance, helps to meet an expectant mother’s increased needs for foetal growth and bone development, while the Department of Health advises that all women planning a pregnancy take a daily folic acid supplement of 400µg.

Lack of folate during a pregnancy’s first trimester could heighten the chances of neural tube defects in the developing baby, which may also lead you to consider such products as Pure Encapsulations’ Folate 400 or Klaire Labs’ L-Methylfolate.

However, it isn’t merely expectant mothers, but also new mothers who have good reason to take considerable interest in our supplements. Indeed, once the baby is born, such products as Alfalfa Plus – again from Rose – and OptiBac probiotics could be excellent options for supporting the little one’s health.

Alfalfa Plus contains certain herbs traditionally used to ensure the healthiness and nutrition of a mother’s milk supply, while OpticBac is completely free from sugars, artificial flavours and colourings.

We should be your sole place to shop for pregnancy supplements

2019 promises to be a very exciting and rewarding year for many of us, and it can be even more so for you if you are an aspiring, expectant or new mother looking for the best ways to safeguard your health and that of your growing baby over the coming 12 months.

Remember, too, that orders of more than £50 dispatched by Pure Naturals can be delivered within the UK for free. In short, you don’t need to place your faith in any other online store offering acclaimed pregnancy supplements from many of the most trusted of today’s health and wellness brands.