If there is any type of health supplement that you may be keeping an especially anxious lookout for this season other than immune system boosters, it may well be products that could improve your energy levels. After all, this is precisely the time of year when many of us feel most lacking in vitality, as daylight hours diminish and drizzly and grey conditions leave us uninspired.

Luckily, you can buy energy boost supplements from the Pure Naturals online store right now. Here are just five of our products from this category that may especially interest you.


This acetylated form of l-carnitine shares similar energy and metabolism-boosting properties to the latter compound, and supports the availability of a key energy-generating metabolite, acetyl-CoA.

With this supplement – from the highly respected Pure Encapsulations brand – also supporting healthy mitochondrial function and cell membrane stability, it could be a great addition to your virtual basket when shopping at Pure Naturals.

B12 Liquid

Another Pure Encapsulations offering, this B12 Liquid is made from vegetarian, hypoallergenic ingredients. It is easy to dispense and tastes great, and when taken regularly, could be instrumental in boosting your memory, cognitive function and energy levels. It can also support your immune system and enhance your general emotional wellbeing.


While cinnamon has long been recognised for its health benefits, particularly the calming effect it can have on digestive problems, researchers have more recently found that it could help the body to maintain a more even balance of its energy reserves between meals.

Unfortunately, though, many cinnamon products that you can find in the shops contain too little cinnamon to be beneficial. That’s not the case with these tablets from Lamberts, which comprise a pure, high-strength cinnamon extract.

Hawaiian Spirulina

Coming in the form of a 1,000mg three-a-day formula, this spirulina supplement from Nutrex Hawaii can bring benefits to almost every organ in your body. It’s one of nature’s original superfood supplements, supporting your immune system, cardiovascular system, cells and energy levels.

Moringa Oleifera

You may have a lot of options when you come to buy energy boost supplements from Pure Naturals, but that’s no reason to overlook the ‘miracle tree’ itself, moringa oleifera. There are few healthier and more nutritious foods in nature, with moringa leaves containing more than 90 high bio available nutrients. This supplement has a wide range of benefits, with improvements in energy levels being just one of them.

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