Whatever your health, circumstances or stage of life, the colder months are a time when you are likely to appreciate a little extra support for your immune system. Here at Pure Naturals, we are delighted to have in stock a broad assortment of acclaimed immune system boosters, including many highly rated and well-priced offerings from the NOVA Probiotics brand.

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Probiotics play a vital role in keeping you healthy, with these ‘healthy bacteria’ found in so many more products than yoghurts these days. Indeed, yoghurts aren’t even the great source of probiotics that they are often advertised as being, which is why you may instead look to probiotic supplements like those we offer at great prices from NOVA Probiotics in the Pure Naturals online store.

These immune system boosters work by providing more of the ‘good’ bacteria that make up your intestinal flora, and which are such an important part of your body’s natural defence system. With nearly 70% of the immune system being found in the gut, there are few things more crucial during the winter than taking the utmost care of your digestive health.

So, what NOVA Probiotics products can we offer right now?

We have NOVA Probiotics capsules in stock to serve almost every person and requirement. They include Daily Immunity, for instance, which provides 15 billion live-microorganisms, as are naturally found in a healthy human gut. This supplement is therefore ideal when you wish to replenish your healthy bacteria levels, thereby helping to keep harmful bacteria at bay and lessening the severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms.

As for when you have a lactose-intolerant child for whom you are seeking a probiotic product, you could scarcely hope for a better option than the VEGAN Kid supplement, which is a blend of four medicinal dairy-free strains with a prebiotic. Not only does it strengthen your child’s immune system to lessen their chances of colds and flu, but as it comes in a powder form and has a delicious natural plum flavour, it can even be mixed into a smoothie or sprinkled on breakfast cereal.

Or why not take a look at the Progressive 55+ product when you are seeking invaluable digestive and immune support for an adult aged 45 or older? It contains 42 billion live probiotics per capsule, and helps to restore the healthy composition and function of the gut microbiome, in the process promoting bowel regularity, supporting liver function and helping to enhance immune response.

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With these and so many more NOVA Probiotics immune system boosters available from Pure Naturals at present, it may also interest you to learn that when you spend more than £60 on one order, we can deliver your supplements for free in the UK.

So, what better timing could there be to strengthen your own natural defences at precisely the time of year when you most need it?