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Glucose Tablets

What is Glucose?

The word “glucose” originally comes from the word in Greek meaning “sweet.” Glucose is a form of sugar that our body receives from the food we eat, usually foods that are rich in carbohydrates, like fruit, bread, potatoes, etc. The body burns glucose for energy. Blood sugar, or blood glucose, is the sugar that travels through our bloodstreams to our cells.

An important hormone called insulin helps us store glucose so that our bodies can use it for energy. The body needs to properly metabolize glucose so that we can have sufficient energy for our liver, muscles, and fat to function properly.

How does improper Glucose Metabolism affect the body?

The body is made to keep a constant and steady level of glucose in the blood. Blood glucose rises after eating, and when this happens insulin is released into the bloodstream by beta cells in the pancreas. The insulin works together with the glucose so it can enter the liver, fat and muscle cells and nourish them.

Glucose is the most vital source of energy for the brain, and it’s needed for chemical and nerve messengers to properly process information. Our brains wouldn’t function as they should without it.

What supplements should be used?

An excellent supplement that promotes the healthy metabolism of glucose and supports a healthy blood flow is GlucoFunction. It’s a gluten-free supplement, made with vegan, non-GMO herbal extracts and vitamins like cinnamon and Gymnema. It’s strong in vitamin C and magnesium which are key to helping the body metabolize glucose properly.

Green tea is effective in lowering blood sugar levels, which helps the body with keeping glucose metabolism under control. Green Tea Extract 60c is a vegetarian supplement taken from Camellia sinensis leaf and designed to help with keeping blood sugar levels steady.