You’ll soon see the benefits of our supplements for vision & healthy eyes

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The gift of sight is one that deserves to be treasured, at this and at all other times of year. This helps to explain why we have assembled such a far-reaching range of eye health supplements here at Pure Naturals, from many of the most trusted brands in the health and wellness sector.

The utmost support for optical health and vision

One of the manufacturers that we are especially pleased to enjoy a partnership with is Pure Encapsulations, on account of its commitment to producing hypoallergenic and research-based dietary supplements using pure, premium ingredients and delivering predictable results.

You may therefore be unsurprised to learn that the brand is well-represented in our online selection of supplements for vision & healthy eyes, presenting shoppers with such options as Macular Support Formula 60s.

The former product blends vitamins and minerals with potent antioxidant qualities to support optical health and vision, including vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and copper, with particular benefits likely to be experienced for retina and macula health.

Meanwhile, the latter supplements contain the powerful antioxidants and botanicals that can be instrumental in protecting retina tissues from damage by free radicals.

We stock offerings from world-renowned manufacturers

Some of our currently available supplements for vision & healthy eyes are specifically geared towards safeguarding and sustaining your optical health. However, there are also many options in our range that can be invaluable for supporting your all-round wellness.

A good example of our other dedicated eye health supplements is Eyewise® Omega 3, which forms part of the Lamberts® brand. It is a high-potency, one-a-day formula that consists of 20mg of naturally sourced, pure ‘free-form’ lutein that is ready to be absorbed, and also contains zeaxanthin.

Both lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids that are not made in the body, which means they must be obtained from the diet, such as from green leafy vegetables. Lutein is deposited by our bodies in the macula, where it filters out the harmful wavelengths in sunlight that can damage the macula’s delicate light receptor cells.

However, another big reason to opt for Eyewise® Omega 3 is the presence within each of these capsules of a full 356mg of omega 3s, including 250mg of DHA, which is similarly helpful for ensuring you continue to benefit from healthy vision.

We are the online store to trust for eye health supplements

With such supplements for vision & healthy eyes as the above now available from the Pure Naturals online store, together with free UK delivery on all orders of over £60 that we dispatch, you’ve got plenty of reason to invest in the products that will assist in keeping your eyesight in the best possible condition throughout the winter and beyond.