SOS Maintain is specifically designed to support the immune system while its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties help the body to protect itself from reinfection. SOS Maintain is often taken as a tonic after you have finished the SOS Advance detox program.

SOS Maintain is a fully natural drink which is taken once a day. It also works to maintain the benefits gained through using SOS Advance, such as boosting the body’s own immune system. SOS Maintain is designed for long term use to sustain and compliment the body’s natural defences.

SOS Maintain is not a medicine. It is a natural herbal solution based on carefully selected natural oils and fragrant essences from a range of well known plants & flowers, such as Clove, Oregano and Cedar amongst others. Just as with SOS Advance these oils and extracts have been carefully blended to provide a tonic with a wide range of positive health benefits.

SOS Maintain is non toxic, carcinogen free. It is produced for the purposes of gently eliminating toxins, guarding against viral and blood born diseases while supporting the vital organs to maintain a healthy balance.

The ingredients in SOS Maintain all have well documented properties for health and well being.