Your Heart Deserves Extra Attention!

Your heart works tirelessly from the time of your birth till your very last breath. So it deserves extra care as well. Unfortunately, unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle put your heart health at risk. No wonder why the incidence of heart attacks and other forms of heart disease are on the rise. So you need something that could save your heart from maladies. That’s where PureHeart® K2D comes into the picture.

Here is what you should expect with its regular use:

  1. A balanced level of calcium in your body
  2. Superior health of your blood vessels
  3. Better heart health and reduced risk of complications related to the heart.

PureHeart® K2D- The Premium Vitamin K Supplement for Your Cardiovascular Health

When it comes to vitamin K, it exists in two forms: vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is almost non-existent in the normal Western-styled diet. Although high levels of calcium are linked to the improved strength of bones; but consistently elevated calcium can lead to one problem. This calcium can make its way into your blood vessels and can make them hard and inflexible. This is a danger sign as it can lead to high blood pressure and increased risk of heart attacks.

But vitamin K2 has a peculiar set of benefits. While it helps improve the amount of calcium in your bones, it helps decrease the amount of calcium in your blood vessels making them elastic and the way they are naturally supposed to be. This leads to a decrease in the blood pressure and improved heart health (1).

Stronger Bones and Teeth

Since vitamin K2 helps improve the levels of calcium in your blood, it helps improve the health of your bones and teeth too- as both are largely made of calcium. Therefore, vitamin K2 is quite helpful in the treatment of osteoporosis and teeth erosions.

Vitamin K2 Calms Inflammation and Immune System

Another beneficial feature of vitamin K2 is its ability to soothe the inflammatory processes. It reduces the levels of inflammatory chemicals and CRP, as seen in acute infection on inflammatory conditions.

Moreover, it reduces abnormal immune activation. This property of vitamin K2 can be helpful in the treatment of autoimmune conditions like multiple sclerosis.

Enhances Brain Function

Vitamin K2 enhances brain function. Moreover, it is helpful in preventing against neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s.

Additional Health Benefits of Vitamin K2

In addition to improving your cardiovascular health, vitamin K2 can also help you improve:

Your bone health as it helps improve the amount of calcium in your blood

  • The status of your blood as it prevents the blood from clotting, which can reduce the chances of complications related to the clot formation.
  • Your blood sugar control and can be beneficial for someone with diabetes.
  • It improves the function of mitochondria and enhances energy generation.
  • Vitamin K2 therapy might even help with the treatment of cancers like blood and liver cancer.

Medical Disclaimer

 Use this product with caution if you are already taking a blood thinner medication as this combination can increase the risk of bleeding.


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