Panax Ginseng- The Real Ginseng!

People have been using Ginseng since centuries for a multitude of reasons. But there is a catch! When it comes to Ginseng, there are different varieties of Ginseng available. Also, due to its popularity, most of the manufacturers meddle with the quality of the product. But this product contains the real Asian Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) that promises to:

  • Improve your energy and vitality
  • Increase the tolerability of your body to stress due to its adaptogenic effects
  • Boost your overall health

Panax Ginseng- An Overview of its Health Benefits

When it comes to Ginseng, its properties are due to a group of chemicals called ginsenosides. This supplement contains a high concentration of these chemicals- 12 percent to be exact. Here is what you should expect with the regular use of Panax Ginseng.

Improved Physical Performance and Stamina

Panax ginseng is the top choice of athletes and body builders. The reason why it is so popular is that it gives an unprecedented boost to your stamina and performance. Research suggests that post-workout supplementation with Panax ginseng is superior to the post-workout protein or carbohydrate supplementation. It works at a dose as low as 200 mg/kg body weight (1).

Enhanced Brain Power

You might have heard the word ‘nootropic’, which is circulating on the web quite frequently now. Nootropics refer to substances that can boost brain functions like memory, concentration, learning, and tolerance to fatigue. Turns out, Panax ginseng is a natural brain booster that can help you think, concentrate, and learn things quicker.

In addition, Panax ginseng is also helpful in improving the supply of blood to the brain and reduces the oxidative damage to it. This prevents the brain damage as occurs in conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Moreover, it also improves the balance of brain chemicals and can help fight depression and anxiety and can improve overall mood as well.

Beneficial for Diabetics

Whether you are type I or type II diabetic, you can expect significant improvement in your blood sugar levels with the regular use of Panax ginseng. Research proposes that it is helpful in reducing fasting blood sugar levels in type I diabetics and improves insulin sensitivity (which is the main pathology) in type II diabetics (2, 3).

Heightened Testosterone Levels and Key for ED Treatment

That’s what Panax ginseng is most famous for. Results of research show that the use of Panax ginseng can cause a mind boggling 162 percent increase in the blood levels of testosterone (4). This property of Panax ginseng can do wonders for individuals struggling with erectile dysfunction, low sperm counts, and infertility.

Improved Skin Quality

Another benefit of Panax ginseng is its effects on the quality of the skin. It has antioxidant and anti-aging benefits and can, therefore, help in the reduction of acne, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Also, research has found that it is helpful in promoting hair regrowth in individuals suffering from androgenetic alopecia (5).

Additional Benefits

Some additional benefits include:

  • It can cause as much as two-times reduction in the risk of different types of cancer including stomach and colorectal cancers.
  • It can improve hearing and can reduce the risk of hearing damage and tinnitus caused by drugs.
  • It can offer protection to against stomach ulcers.
  • Improve the overall quality of life.

Panax Ginseng- A Supplement for Life

Panax Ginseng is a must try supplement if you want a vibrant and healthy life!


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