Iron liquid 120 ml provides a liquid dietary supplement containing an easily absorbed form of iron together with the antioxidant properties of cranberry and blueberry extracts to support transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide through the body. Iron is well known as being essential for the body’s health, and it’s low iron levels that cause anaemia. It’s main function is to combine with protein and copper in producing haemoglobin, a crucial constituent of blood which enables the cardiovascular system to distribute oxygen around the body. Iron is also used to produce myoglobin, a substance found in muscle tissue which enables the oxygen to be taken up in the muscles. The chemical reactions the oxygen causes enable the muscles to flex. Iron liquid 120 ml uses a water-soluble form of iron that’s easily absorbed. It also contains cranberry and blueberry extracts to offer antioxidant protection and support the blood vessels. Iron liquid 120 ml is made from vegetarian, hypoallergenic ingredients to form a liquid that’s highly convenient to give you your daily dose of iron. And it even tastes great.