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RnA Reset Magnesium Supplements
In many people’s minds, Dr. Carolyn Dean and magnesium are synonymous with one another. That’s because Dr. Dean is a well-known medical doctor and naturopath who wrote the best-seller, The Magnesium Miracle. Since then, Dr. Carolyn Dean’s magnesium supplements have been studied to be an integral part of healing and wellness throughout many stages of life.

In her extensive research, Dr. Dean found that magnesium companies were not creating products that fully absorbed into the body. Instead, most of the products were being flushed through the system. She decided to fight for wellness and encouraged these companies to do better. However, the profitable supplement industry didn’t want to change the way it operated, so Dr. Dean took matters into her own hands.

After writing more than 50 books on wellness, Dr. Dean launched RnA Reset in 2015. This new product line reflected her forty years of magnesium research and experience through the creation of unique, proprietary formulations that allow customers to feel their best.

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